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Smart Contract Audit Methodology

We provide affordable yet intensive security audits of smart contracts. Our team of experienced smart contract auditors can perform audits for tokens, crowdsales, NFTs, marketplaces, gambling games, financial protocols, and more! We leverage a combination of static analysis, automated tools, and a robust manual review process to provide industry-leading security recommendations to project teams.

Step 1 - Automated Testing

Simulation of a variety of interactions with your Smart Contract on a test blockchain leveraging a combination of automated test tools and manual testing to determine if any security vulnerabilities exist.

Step 2 - In-Depth Manual Review

Manual line-by-line code reviews to ensure the logic behind each function is sound and safe from common and economic attack vectors. This is the most important and lengthy portion of the audit process; as automated tools often cannot find the nuances that lead to exploits such as flash loan attacks.

Step 3 - Resolution of Issues

Consulting with the team to provide our recommendations to ensure the code's security and optimize its gas efficiency, if possible. We assist project team's in resolve any outstanding issues or implementing our recommendations.

Step 4 - Publishing the Audit Report

Boiling down results and findings into an easy to read report tailored to the project. Our audit reports highlight resolved issues and any risks that exist to the project or its users, along with any remaining suggested remediation measures. Diagrams are included at the end of each report to help users understand the interactions which occur within the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a smart contract audit cost?

Costs vary based upon the length and complexity of the contracts to be audited. Please reach out to obtain a free quote and to find out the cost an audit tailored to your project's need.

How long does a smart contract audit take?

The timeline for an audit depends on the length and complexity of the contracts as well. We aim for a turnaround time of 2-10 days for most audits, though high complexity protocols may have longer turnaround times. We are able to deliver rushed audit reports for simpler projects in as little as 36 hours.

Do you create custom smart contracts?

We are slowly beginning to restart the smart contract development arm of our business. Please reach out with a set of requirements for a project you would like to have built, and our team will get back to you with a quote.

Do you audit projects on my blockchain?

We are chain-agnostic and do not discriminate! We are happy to review your project's codebase whether it is on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (Matic), Fantom, Avalance's C-Chain, Harmony One, KuCoin (KCC), Huobi Eco, Arbitrum, or any other EVM-compatible side-chain or L2 chain.

Can you attach an audit to an ICO/IDO/ILO?

We are approved auditors on Unicrypt Network and DxSale. For any presales utilizing Unicrypt or DxSale, we have the ability to add our audit to the ICO page.

Do you require KYC?

We do not require KYC. We can offer KYC services, however, through our partner firm KYC Capital.

Why Solidity Finance?

Our team has conducted 1000+ solidity smart contract audits covering all major project types and protocols, securing a total of over $10 billion U.S. dollars in on-chain value. Solidity Finance is well-reputed in the community and is trusted as a top smart contract auditing company for the review of solidity code, no matter how complex.

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  • Turnaround as Fast as 36 Hours
  • Line-by-Line Manual Review
  • Free Review of Implemented Recommendations

  • Long-Time Solidity Experts
  • Clear and Concise Reports
  • Audits Accepted by IDO Platforms
  • Automated Penetration Testing

Partners & Notable Clients

Unicrypt    Premia Finance    KYC Capital    DxSale    Dopex    Pinpoint Capital    Dracula Protocol    Bishares    MyDeFiPet    Vanity

Geist Protocol    Axion    Gaj Finance    Pincubator    Media eYe    Passive Income PSI    Kickpad    YSL Protocol    QUAI DAO Exchange    World Token

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About Our Team

Solidity Finance was founded in 2020 and quickly grew to have one of the most experienced and well-equipped teams in the industry.
Our US-based team includes software developers and testing specialists with experience from a variety of Fortune 50 firms.

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer (COO)

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Owen R.

Smart Contract Analyst
(Specialization: Applied Economic Modeling)

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Alex S.

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(Specialization: EIP/ERC Standards & NFTs)

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Keegan B.

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(Specialization: Yield Farming Strategies)

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Lorenzo R.

Smart Contract Analyst
(Specialization: Flash Loans & Arbitrage Threat Mitigation)

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