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Smart Contract Audits

We provide affordable yet intensive security audits of smart contracts.

Security Audit Methodology

Step 1

Manual line-by-line code reviews to ensure the logic behind each function is sound and safe from common attack vectors.

Step 2

Simulation of hundreds of thousands of interactions with your Smart Contract on a test blockchain using a combination of automated test tools and manual testing to determine if any security vulnerabilities exist.

Step 3

Consulting with the team to implement recommendations and resolve any outstanding issues; then boiling down results and findings into an easy to read report to highlight any risks that exist to the project or its users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for auditing a project?

Costs vary based upon the length and complexity of the contracts to be audited.

How long does it take to produce an audit report?

We aim for a turnaround time of 2-10 days for most audits, though the length and complexity of the contracts can lead to longer turnaround times.

Do you create custom Smart Contracts?

We no longer perform custom development work.

Do you require KYC?

Generally, we do not require KYC. We do offer KYC services, however, through our partner KYC Capital.

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