PAPP Token - Smart Contract Audit Report


PAPP Token Audit Report PAPP is a new token project on the Binance Smart Chain.

For this audit we reviewed the project's token contract, deployed at 0xcd77880edea8e7d1f2be011be560b45b96ba68ad on the Binance Smart Chain.

Notes of the Contract:

  • The initial total supply is 25 thousand tokens.
  • There is no way for tokens to be minted after deployment.
  • No ownership-restricted functions are present.
  • One wallet holds 6% of the token's supply.
  • 4.5% of the token's supply is held as liquidity.
  • 99% of liquidity is locked until October 12th.
  • 12 wallets have between 1% and 4.4% of the token's supply.
  • Some functions could be declared external instead of public to save a minimal amount of gas.
  • The token contract complies with the ERC20 standard.
  • The contract does not use SafeMath and may be suseptible to overflow attacks.
Audit Findings Summary:
  • The token may allow for overflow attacks and other unexpected behavior due to the lack of SafeMath.
  • Be aware of the wallets which hold a large number of tokens in relation to the liquidity pool.
  • Date: May 9th, 2021.

External Threat Results

Vulnerability CategoryNotesResult
Arbitrary Storage WriteN/APASS
Arbitrary JumpN/APASS
Delegate Call to Untrusted ContractN/APASS
Dependence on Predictable VariablesN/APASS
Deprecated OpcodesN/APASS
Ether ThiefN/APASS
External CallsN/APASS
Integer Over/UnderflowSafeMath is not used.FAIL
Multiple SendsN/APASS
State Change External CallsN/APass
Unchecked RetvalN/APASS
User Supplied AssertionN/APASS
Critical Solidity CompilerN/APASS
Overall Contract Safety WARNING

Inheritence Chart

Multi-file Token

Function Graph

ERC20 Token Graph

Functions Overview

 ($) = payable function
 # = non-constant function
 Int = Internal
 Ext = External
 Pub = Public

 +  ERC20 
    - [Pub] totalSupply
    - [Pub] balanceOf
    - [Pub] allowance
    - [Pub] transferFrom #
    - [Pub] approve #
    - [Pub] transfer #

 +  PAPP (ERC20)
    - [Pub] totalSupply
    - [Pub] balanceOf
    - [Pub] allowance
    - [Pub] transfer #
    - [Pub] transferFrom #
    - [Pub] approve #
    - [Ext]  ($)
    - [Pub]  ($)